Safe Holiday Driving Tips from Manalis Insurance Group

All over the country, people will be hitting the roads en force. Whether driving back and forth while doing their holiday shopping or heading to someone’s house for the festivities, there will be millions of vehicles on the road this holiday season. Here at Manalis Insurance Group we know that travel is an unavoidable part of the holidays for so many of us. As such, here are a few of our safe holiday driving tips while out and about this season.

Proper Coverage is a Must – Before you ever hit the road you should make sure your auto insurance policy adequately covers your needs. No matter how safely you drive there are always unknowns that can have an effect on your situation.

Know Your Route – By planning ahead you can help to keep out of a great deal of traffic. You can also beat traffic by leaving earlier in the day.

Buckle Your Seatbelts – A large percentage of auto fatalities during the holidays can be directly linked to improper seat belt usage. While many states only require front seat belt usage, you can help protect your whole family by ensuring everyone belts up.

Speeding is a No-Go – Everyone is looking forward to seeing each other, but that is no reason to put yourself or passengers at risk by speeding. Not only could you get a ticket, but you could put yourself at risk for an accident as well.

No Texting Allowed – Texting is now one of the biggest road hazards waiting to happen. It takes your attention away from the road where it belongs. If it is important hand it off to one of your passengers so that they can respond for you.

Marathon Driving – Driving for long distances can wear on you quite heavily. Make sure to take turns when driving long distances. This will help keep any one driver from getting overly tired.

Drinking and Driving – Another definite no-no. Always be sure that you are sober before getting behind the wheel. Even if you have to spend the night, it is better to do so than taking a chance with your life and the lives of others on the road.

Deep Breaths are Key – Aggressive drivers abound especially around the holidays. Do not let these folks get under your skin. These drivers thrive on conflict and giving in only adds fuel to their fire. Just let them go and take some deep breaths to help wash away the angst you may feel.

Each of these tips will help you to drive more safely during the holiday season. With weather getting worse in many places, more people on the road, and the stress people feel, driving can become taxing at best. Just remember that you have your auto insurance to cover you in the event of an accident.

Go ahead and give Manalis Insurance Group regarding your auto insurance policy. There are many options to the sort of policy that will fit your needs, and we can help you to know which ones would help fill your needs.

Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

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