Manalis Insurance Group Tips To Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

Do you plan on travelling this holiday season? Don’t feel alone. According to American Express’s Spending and Saving Tracker, at least three out of every ten Americans will be on the road. In fact, many travelers will be heading to at least two separate destinations. Before you take off, you should take a few moments to make sure that your home stays safe and sound as well.


  • Make sure that you unplug all small appliances – toaster, TV, microwave, coffee pot, etc.
  • Cold weather can be just as harmful to your home. Make sure that your thermostat is set at about sixty five degrees. This will help to keep your pipes from freezing. It may be a better option to turn your water off at the main valve if you plan on being gone for more than a day or so.
  • Have your mail and newspaper delivery placed on hold while you are gone.
  • Pay someone ahead of time to keep your driveway clear of snow if you live in an area that gets any amount of the white stuff.
  • Deadbolts, especially tapered, are a must for all entry doors.
  • Pin or bar your windows and sliding doors to help keep thieves from gaining easy entry. While glass can be broken, most criminals will look for an easy score with the least amount of noise.
  • Let your Neighborhood Watch program or Homeowners Association know when you plan on being gone and when you will return.
  • Install timers throughout your house that will turn lights on and off at different times to make it look like someone is home.

Keeping potential thieves at bay can help prevent the need to file a homeowner’s insurance claim. These tips will help you to protect your home – whether you rent or own – and your valuables. Keep in mind that there is no substitute for a quality homeowner’s insurance policy just in case.  Also, renters remember that most thieves do not discriminate. They will steal from renters and homeowners alike. Renters insurance can certainly be worth the investment.

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