What is Business Insurance?

Business Insurance - Manalis Insurance Group

Business owners wanting to protect their business from losses so they may continue to operate will want to understand why it is important to have business insurance. Here I will discuss different types of business policies that are available to you the business owner. This is  so that you can make an informed decision on […] Read more »

What are the Basic Types of Life Insurance?

Life Insurance - Manalis Insurance Group

Life insurance is a means of having something that will be used to help your loved ones and beneficiaries at the time of your death. There are so many cost involved surrounding death that this helps to take care of the final cost incurred for funeral cost. It also may be used to help care […] Read more »

Small Group Insurance Cost as Determined by Health Insurers

Small Group Insurance - Manalis Insurance Group

Understanding how health insurance rates are determined makes it a little easier when paying premiums. The majority of Americans obtain their health insurance through the work place. With the economy in a continued state of flux you are seeing a continued rise in premiums. For example the Kaiser Family Foundation Employee Health Benefits that there […] Read more »