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Homeowners Insurance - Manalis Insurance Group Charlotte NCManalis Insurance Group understands the need to save money in today’s economically challenged world. We have put together some tips that can help you to save some of your hard earned dollars yet get the homeowner coverage you need. This can be especially helpful to those who are first time homeowners. You can have adequate insurance coverage and still save money.

Following are a list of helpful tips offered by Manalis Insurance Group:

Amount of Home Insurance Needed – Determining the amount of insurance that you will need is the first step in starting to save you money. When looking at the amount of coverage that you need don’t include the land when calculating the cost of your home. This is because homeowners insurance doesn’t cover the land. Look at issues such as the age of the home, type of structure (wooden or brick), heating, plumbing and more when calculating how much insurance you need. For example your homeowners insurance might be lower if you live close to a fire department.

Shop Around for Homeowners Insurance – Shopping around can include talking to friends, family, internet research as well as talking with an independent insurance agent to find the best prices on homeowners insurance. Remember though that you get what you pay for so be sure that you check that the potential companies are good companies and have a good track record. Checking a company’s financial records is another way to see that you are getting the best that you can afford.

Look for Discounts – You may qualify for a discount such as a senior citizen or if you belong to certain organizations. These types of things can save you a few dollars which can add up over a period of time to some real savings. These can also come in the way of military discounts and even alumni associations may help you to get that discount.

Home Safety – Having certain types of alarm systems can help to save you money on your homeowner policy. Alarms include such things as burglar and fire alarms. Don’t forget to check these to keep them up to date and in good repair.

One Insurance Company for Home & Car – Keeping all your insurance needs with one company can help to increase your savings by decreasing the amount that you have to pay. Insurance companies look at this as having a valued customer and may give discounts. Another aspect that can help you to save on your insurance cost is staying with one company for several years. You build a relationship with your insurance company and they more often than not reward you by giving discounts the longer that you are with them.

Increase Your Deductable – Deductibles are what you pay out of pocket before the insurance begins to pay. Deductibles come in differing amounts such as $250, $500 and even $1000 increments. The higher the deductable the lower the insurance cost.

Reassessing Yearly Insurance Needs – Time changes all things including your insurance needs. If you find that you have less personal property you may not need as much insurance. This can save you on your premiums.

Manalis Insurance Group cares about you and wants to meet your needs. For information and quotes on insurance coverage, please Contact Us or call (704) 243-8272.

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