Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance Tips - Manalis Insurance Group Charlotte NCA home is one of the most important investments you will ever make.  Keeping it maintained properly can help ensure the safety and well being of friends and family, as well as lower the chances of losing precious time and money.

With spring approaching quickly, the Manalis Insurance Group has some tips to help prepare your home for warmer weather and to keep you and it safe year-round:

  • Check for damage to you’re the roofs of all your properties structures, and clean downspouts and gutters to keep debris from accumulating, which can cause damage..
  • Check your water heater for leaks, corrosion and any other abnormalities; also keep surrounding area clear of all debris.
  • Inspect the light bulbs in all your fixtures, to be sure that they are the correct wattage as recommended by the manufacturer. This is not only to save you money but to prevent overload, which increases the chance of fire and need for repairs.
  • Replace lamps that use high-producing bulbs (such as halogen) with those that use fluorescent bulbs and operate at much cooler temperatures. This also reduces the chances of fire.
  • Have a multi-purpose fire extinguisher accessible that is filled and ready to use, also, have your fire extinguishers inspected and/or replaced regularly. These are a must in kitchens, garages, sheds or any where flame, heat or chemicals are used or stored.
  • Check your electrical outlets for loose fitting plugs; also look for frayed or exposed wires. Do not to overload extension cords, electrical outlets, fuse boxes, or any other power service.
  • Inspect your smoke detectors. There should be at least one on every floor of your home. Test them and change the batteries at least every six months, a good way to remember to do this is to change the batteries and test the alarm at the beginning and end of day light savings time.
  • Clean and/or replace your furnace filter.
  • Have your air conditioning system inspected by someone who is trained to do the job, a professional. Make sure to follow all manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Maintenance and clean clothes dryer exhaust duct as well as all spaces under the dryer and around the dryer. Remove all lint, dust, articles of clothing as well as pieces of material or cloth.
  • Inspect washing machine hoses and replace hoses that are worn or have leaks with new more strongly reinforced hoses.  It is good practice to turn off the water when your washer is not in use to help prevent water damage if a hose comes loose or ruptures..
  • Repair driveway and walkways to provide a level walking surface, repair areas that are cracked, broken or uneven.
  • In your yard, never attempt to remove tree limbs from power lines yourself.  Instead, you should call your power company to request assistance. Make sure remove all dead trees and keep healthy trees and bushes trimmed and away from utility wires.
  • Safely store oil and gas for lawn equipment and tools in a vented, secured area.

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