Insuring a New Driver

It is amazing to think that there are about 4 million new teenage drivers who hit the road every year. This means that these teens need Auto Insurance, so as a parent what do you do? How much coverage does your kid need and how can you get the lowest rate available for him/her? As […] Read more »

Factors That Influence the Cost of Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance is an insurance policy that helps to protect your home and possibly other structures on your property from certain types of losses. This of course is a cost as a home owner or renter needs to pay in order to make sure that you are protected. In today’s economy Manalis Insurance Group knows […] Read more »

The Importance of Health Insurance for Healthy Individuals

It seems counter intuitive for a generally healthy person to consider maintaining health insurance. If you feel good right now, why spend the money to keep up a policy and take the time to actually see the doctor? The answers are many. It is very important to understand why a healthy individual needs this coverage […] Read more »