The Importance of Health Insurance for Healthy Individuals

It seems counter intuitive for a generally healthy person to consider maintaining health insurance. If you feel good right now, why spend the money to keep up a policy and take the time to actually see the doctor? The answers are many. It is very important to understand why a healthy individual needs this coverage as well as those who might not be at their peak.

Here are a few reasons – and some information – as to why health insurance is so important for everyone even the presently healthy.

You never know when you will need it

The biggest and most important reason is you never know when you are going to need it. Sickness, disease, and injury do not keep a managed time schedule so it is important to be prepared for anything.

These unfortunate happenings are a part of life and when they hit they can be devastating. Not only are you sick, injured, or have some other ailment, you have large medical bills that are piling up. Unless you are insured you may or may not have any way of paying them all.

Please, do not be one of the 450,000 Americans who die every year because they did not have proper health coverage and was unable to seek health care until it was too late! Protect your health, your family and your pocketbook.

You actually save money and can prevent health crisis

The second reason is even if you never get really sick, the price you pay in premiums are far outweighed by the years of health you do have. A person who has good health insurance is more likely to get regular checkups which make it easier to have problems spotted early. This early treatment can stem the tide of a true crisis and make it a more manageable situation. Even if these types of incidences never occur, it is always the best practice to have precautions in place to begin with.

It is a sad statistic that 60% of all bankruptcies are filed because of unpaid medical bills. If you have health insurance you will be better prepared to pay what you need to for your health and still have the money to live day to day. This little fact can give you such a piece of mind.

It is cheaper to get good low cost health insurance while you are healthy

If you wait to get covered when a crisis occurs you have a much harder time finding good, low cost coverage. If you have some ailments such as cancer then the prices can go up. This is not to say that you cannot find good reasonably priced coverage but we at the Manalis Insurance Group want to help you save from this hassle.

We know that your time, money, and health are very valuable and we strive to help you save time and money. We want to help you get the care you deserve if you ever need it.

If you have any questions or concerns about your health insurance coverage please contact us here at the Manalis Insurance Group.

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  1. David says:

    Right. If you’re healthy and younger, the better your chances are of getting less expensive medical insurance. Starting age for penalties through higher premiums is 35 years old.

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