How Simple Wellness and Safety Plans Can Help Cut Down on Business Insurance Costs

Workers Compensation Insurance is business insurance that provides a way to protect you and your employees in case of an accident or specific job related illness or injury. The payments you have to make when these types emergencies do occur can be steep.

Another Business Insurance type that can also have a financial impact on you is Employee Health Insurance. This is a policy that you provide or in most cases the employees buy into, in order to help off set medical costs for them and their family.

These types of policies are essential to the welfare and legality of your business but there are ways to help reduce these costs through safety and wellness programs that are promoted by you the business owner and the management. These steps do not have to be overly costly but do require some fore thought and a little planning.

Clean Hands and Covered Coughs

The first step is a simple one, having clean hands and covered coughs and sneezes. One of the leading ways that sickness happens in a business setting is through contact with contaminated surfaces. This is easy to do especially in cold and flu season where one individual sneezes or coughs and does not use proper covering techniques such as sneezing and coughing into the elbow. Then the germs are spread via droplet or touch on surfaces and in the air.

So short training sessions on cough/sneeze cover and the use of good hand washing and sanitation may seem elementary but you would be surprised what a difference they make. Also installation of alcohol based hand sanitizers in key areas can be an effective means of controlling illness and thus work loss and health insurance costs.

Regular Breaks

There are laws that are federally mandated when it comes to employee break times but sometimes it is a difficult task to monitor. A tired worker is more likely to make mistakes, cause loses, and possible have an accident increasing needs for Workers Compensation so a break is essential. Make your break policy known and make sure they are taken. In addition to this make sure the employees have a clean, quiet pace to take a break so that they feel as if they have a time away from their work. These 10 minute interludes can make a world of difference.

Safety Equipment Training

Taking the time to properly train your workers on how to use the safety equipment at their disposal is essential. If they do not know how to properly handle and use these pieces of equipment further injury or loss could occur. Making a 15 minute per pay period safety meeting mandatory is one way to insure that the time is taken for this training. Of course more time is needed for industrial and heavy manufacturing plants and businesses but for a small or medium sized office this will be a great start.

It is Up To You

When you are a business owner or an executive of a company there are a million things you have to worry about. Insurance costs are just one of them, but you can help offset these by being proactive. Taking these steps will not eliminate the issue but it will help to change things for the better.

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