Insuring a New Driver

It is amazing to think that there are about 4 million new teenage drivers who hit the road every year. This means that these teens need Auto Insurance, so as a parent what do you do? How much coverage does your kid need and how can you get the lowest rate available for him/her?

As a parent with a new driver the thought of your child out there on the roads can be down right terrifying. This is natural and for good reason, there is a lot that can go wrong. Even if your teen has been practicing before they actually got their license or learners permit they may still not completely prepared for the dangers they may face or the responsibility that comes with driving. Not to mention their road and vehicle safety may not be 100 percent yet.

For these and many more reasons, it is very important for your new driver to have an auto insurance policy in place as soon as they are ready to hit the streets solo. This not only makes sense safety wise it is the law. Plus, this move not only protects you from the costs that can come with an accident, it helps insure your teen will get the help they need as well in the event of a wreck or other automobile incident.

When insuring your teen driver it really does not have to be difficult but because your teen is inexperienced a new driver is at a higher risk of an auto accident. So the auto insurance companies categorize them as high risk and thus charge more for them to be covered versus an experienced driver with a clean record.

However, there are several things you can do to help give the highest level of coverage possible and still save money while doing so. Here are some very effective means of doing this.

Choose A Safe Car

It is quite common for teenagers to want expensive or high performance, fast cars but this is not really the safest move you can make. Encourage a safe, well built, easy to maintain car. Do your homework and get your kid involved in the process. They may not be totally happy about the idea of a used or even a new car that fits the bill but once they get out there and driving they will thank you , even if it is secretly at first.


Place Then on Your Policy

There are great discounts when you take this route. Many companies even encourage the practice of placing one more additional individual on your policy. Plus, it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to lower the cost of insuring your teenager.


Shop Around, Get Several Quotes

You may be surprised that you could have been saving possible hundreds of dollar all along once you get to looking into quotes. The fact is auto insurance costs are always changing. At Manalis Insurance Group we have a free quote tool that will help get an idea of what you can possible pay and more importantly what you can possibly save on your and your teen’s insurance costs.


Good Grades Make A Difference

If your son or daughter makes an A or B average in school, this often will make them eligible for several different potential discounts. Another idea that will encourage them to make better grades, study a little bit harder and save money is to make them pay the difference of the balance until their grades improve. It may seem underhanded but it might just help.


Promote and Teach Safe Driving

One of the best ways to lower costs of your and your teenager’s insurance costs is for you teach them good driving habits. There are also driver training and improvement classes out there that can help them look great for you insurance provider. If they learn these skills early, once they reach a certain age, the cost for coverage will decrease as long as their driving records are good.

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    Do you have multi-line coverage or qualify for good driver discounts? Both situations could help you save money on car insurance.

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