Health Insurance

Medical care costs are pricey and that cost is getting higher and higher. If you are seriously injured or have a major illness there will be bills. Who will pay your bills? In order to protect yourself and your family from these expenses, you need health insurance to aide you with paying for you or your loved ones care.

Two well know types of individual health insurance are the fee-for –service, HMO and PPO plans. These are some pretty major differences between the two, so it is important to know the differences. It is also important to know the coverage limitations before purchasing a policy.

The policies available vary in both cost and the amount and type of coverage they provide. Our agents will shop around to find the best policy to meet your individual needs. It is the agent’s job to help make sure your chosen policy is free of stipulations or exclusions that you may not understand. He will also make sure that this policy covers the large health care costs that might occur.

The type of coverage you need also depends on your family situation. If you are single or married with no children an individual plan may work best. If you are planning or do have children a family plan will be needed. Situations change every day so you will need to review your policy needs with your agent on a regular basis to insure proper coverage.

Although cost is not the only consideration when purchasing a policy, knowing exactly what you will need to spend annually on health care is a bit tricky. You never know if you might need a surgery or spend time in a hospital in the next six months. Considering the benefits of each policy is important, it is best to compare plans for both price and coverage before making a decision on what to buy. This is a process that in which you need a knowledgeable and dependable agent to help guild you through.

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